Summer Bowl by Randi Solin




“To make a shard piece, we first spend a week in the studio creating gallery quality vessels, then we smash them with a hammer! I then create a shard design on a metal plate working with glass pieces in two-inch sections, with consideration to the opaqueness and transparency of the individual shards. This composition is placed in the anneiler where it stays overnight, preheating to one thousand degrees. The next day I roll the shard composition one piece at a time over a base gather of hot white powdered glass. The process of creating my shard work is not only labor intensive, but technically challenging as well; each piece of colored glass expands and contracts at its own rate, so the act of blowing becomes incredibly difficult.”


About Randi Solin:

Randi Solin uses glass like a contemporary abstract expressionist painter. She has been working in glass for over 30 years. Her work has been collected, shown, and exhibited throughout the world.

She creates original blown glass sculptures for galleries, art consultants, interior design trade, public and private collections, and art collectors.

Due to the handmade nature of the piece there may be slight variations to the image shown. Please email us at for any additional images or information. 



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